"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."
"I don't much care where -"
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go."

- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Whole-person Care
** Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapists serve clients of any or no religious affiliation

The Survivor

It may have been a while ago, but I never forgot
As a survivor, I never forgot my internal promise
That if I survived, I would be happy
I would be happy to take every day
One day at a time
And, in time, I would be okay
Now is the time to be happy that I am okay
I am okay to be happy
Today is the day of personal promise
For I can survive this day
For today, I have taken the time

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Ramona C. Soriano, MDiv, CLC, CACI
Ordained Minister, Unlicensed Psychotherapist, Intuitive Healer, Certified Life Coach, Certified Addiction Technician

Colorado Association of Psychotherapists
What is an unlicensed psychotherapist?

Whether you are religious or spiritual or not, the mind, body, and spirit are one. Life's gift that connects them together is the heart.

Mind, Body, and Spirit are One!

Mind, body, and spirit are one. Sounds pretty simple right? If this sounds like a "Duh!" statement, let's think about this for a minute. You see advertisements all the time about eating healthy, quitting smoking, exercising, and drinking more water, etc. for body health. Individuals more today, than ever, are eating healthier and being mindful about their diets and exercise, but what do we know about nurturing the mind and spirit? How do we nurture the mind? How do we nurture our spirit? Even better yet, how do we nurture our spirit without religiosity or spirituality? Is that even possible?

Nurturing the mind is deeper than education, reading, or meditation. A simple practice to assess how you nurture your mind is to count how many times a day you think negative thoughts, encouraging thoughts, judgmental thoughts, positive thoughts, forgiving thoughts, inspirational thoughts, fearful thoughts, etc. Compare and be mindful of the words that you use regularly. Are disempowering words a regular part of your mental vocabulary? Why does this matter? Thoughts are things. Actually, the words you use in your thoughts are everything! They are the driving force behind everything that is you and your life right now.

How about nurturing our spirit? Yes, I am an Ordained Minister and I use religion and spirituality as a force and power to inspire my zest for life. This does not mean, however, that I preach for religion or spirituality in your life. What I do preach for is nurturing your spirit in every way possible. If spirituality or religiosity are a part of your life, are you satisifed with your connection to the Divine? Do you feel supported, protected, and comforted in your time(s) of need? Or, do you have to wonder sometimes if you are responded to at all? If you do not have religion or spirituality in your life, you do still have a spirit. How do you nurture your spirit? It is possible without religion or spirituality.

I am going to say it again, "Mind, body, and spirit are one". If there is not balance and harmony between all three, you may see and feel the impact of the disconnection in either bad things happening in your life, nothing seems to come together as you planned, things break down, a lack of good feelings or happiness in your life, or you may even experience bad health. Balance and harmony are key.

What in the world is Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy?
In one simple sentence, "It is whole-person care."

Although it sounds religious or spiritually-based, it truly is not. The healing modalities of a spiritually integrated psychotherapist include the integration of the many evidence-based modalities of mental health treatment and the welcoming space to safely talk about deeply embedded core values and beliefs as they may be relevant to or associated with religiosity and/or spirituality in your experience(s).

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy may benefit you if:

  • You want to learn more about creating harmony and balance between your mind, body, and spirit
  • You are not religious or spiritual, but it was taught to you during your developmental years and you decided sometime as an adult to leave it behind you or found something different that worked to serve your spiritual needs
  • If religious or spiritual paradigms harmed you in some way in your lifetime.
  • If you are searching for a way to (re)connect with religion or spirituality (i.e. searching for a journey to spiritual enlightenment)
  • If religion or spirituality are your power spots or sources of strength and endurance.
  • If you desire to strengthen your current connection to the Divine

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy is not for you if:

  • You do not believe the presence or absence of religion or spirituality in your life affects you at all
  • If your mind, body, and spirit are fully balanced
  • If you are mindful about nurturing your mind, body, and spirit

Mission of Care

My name is Ramona Christine. My specialty area as an Ordained Minister, Intuitive Healer, Therapist, and Life Coach is to support your goal(s) to live a happier life rich in meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and wholeness by (re)connecting your mind, body, and spirit through heart-centered teachings. The therapeutic modalities I utilize are Narrative Therapy through Storytelling and Client-Centered Therapy. I draw my intention and insight from a diverse culmination of wisdom teachings and traditions including Native American Spirituality, Christianity, Science of Mind, The Law of Attraction, Catholicism, Buddhism, Curanderismo, Paganism, Wicca, and personal experience.

As a petite-statured Hispanic female and grandmother (it matters and is significant to mention as you will discover through your story-telling work), I had to fight (literally) to break through limiting beliefs, distorted stories, disempowerment, fear, depression, Divine abandonment, and domestically violent patterns within intimate and family relationships before I could emerge living as a whole person in touch with and aware of all levels of my being. A self-care commitment to myself has empowered me to bloom and flourish in confidence and self-acceptance. This is the experience of magic that I aim to share.

Do you believe in magic?

Mirror, mirror on the wall.
I am going to be honest up front. Until you actually do it, until you actually take a proactive part in creating change, you are just day-dreaming. Dreaming of what it could be is very different from living into what it could be. Magic is much more than what you can imagine. However, if you can imagine it, if you can feel it, and if you can actually visualize it, then everything is possible. The magic of change requires effort and a true willingness to be proactive. Once started, you must commit to following through. I am honest, but not without compassion. Taking that first step towards manifesting a new reality requires a whole lot of courage and determination.

You've got the power in your hands, but...
...it will not be easy. Why? Because when you change, so does the world and the people around you. There is going to be discomfort in every situation. As my aunt used to say, "You're going to rock the boat." Your job may change, your money situation will change, the people around you may change, your lived situations may change, and, most importantly, you will not recognize the new you reflection in the mirror.

It's just a dream. You can wake up now.
Affirmative goals and achievements

  • Employment - I love my job! I am paid well and appreciated.
  • Love/Relationships - My marriage/intimate relationships are complimentary and we could not be more happy.
  • Spirituality - I am protected from all negativity. My Divine and I are good, we are harmoniously connected.
  • Limited Beliefs/Anxiety - I easily attract all that I need to feel safe and comforted in the world.
  • Mental/physical Health - My life is full and my energy is high. I have a true zest for life and look forward to new adventures or experiences every day!
  • Divine Connection(s) - I am confident in my Divine relationship. My prayers are heard and acted upon consistently. I feel safe and connected.
  • Self-awareness/confidence - I am in touch with my deeper self. I know who I am and I feel good about it.
  • Moral conflict/balance - I am free from internal conflict. My conscience is clear of regret or guilt. I feel good about my choices.
  • Personal Power/Development - I am fully aware of my personal power. I have no needs.

Dare to imagine!
I would be a saint to be able to provide all of the above to any one person. Personally, I'm happy with just a few. I also know, from experience, that as any one of these areas are moved upon, like a teeter-totter, another end of the spectrum is going to shift one way or the other. Over time and with persistence, one step at a time does create magic and movement in all of these areas. Best step is to start with just one area. As we work on ourselves to manifest change, like I said, the whole world around us also changes. It is a beautiful thing to see, especially when you are ready for change.

Watch your step!
The first step is the biggest and requires the most courage. Deciding which one should be the first is just the beginning of a journey within, where all the magic happens. You have the power to decide exactly which step that will be.

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