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My broken spiritness

"Traditional Native Americans believe that objective reality is the unfolding of the spiritual world on the plane of physical existence. To maintain that healing only takes place through orthodox Western medicine ignores this spiritual dynamic to the detriment of all. Healing that does not involve body, mind, and spirit can never be anything but partial." - Lone Wolf Dancing on Thunder

A passion to create meaning and purpose in the spiritual wounds of my life began over twenty-five years ago. It was then that my spirit was totally broken, and it was then when my life was presented with two unexpected spiritual healers. The Wiccan Priestess, who served as my advocate in the battered women’s shelter, took me by the hand and reminded me of the unconditional love of the Mother and of the resilience of the woman within. Her compassion and her teachings gradually built me up, encouraging me to know more about myself, as a worthy woman and mother. The badgered and fragmented girl that I was, at the age of twenty-six, who was more than prepared to give up on life, saw, for the first time in her life, the beauty that was possible through God’s face as a Woman.

The Native American Medicine Man, who traveled far and wide, over 500 miles, after inviting me to share time in a sacred ceremony, where he would speak to the Spiritual Guardians on my behalf, to share with me a Divine message, a message of hope, beyond the paradigms of limited beliefs, where hope and infinite wisdom and Divine connection could never perish, despite intellectual limitations and boundaries as had been beaten into my person through many years of control and abuse. Both, were gifts from the Divine to inspire me to take this precious thing called life and insist that life, no matter the suffering or challenge, has purpose and meaning and, I, a simple nobody, was just a tiny fracture of Divine Creation, but, yet, was such an important and vital piece of the whole puzzle – as are you!

Of the many things I love to do...

...It is to teach what I know to those I love and those who are searching for something beyond the hand they have been dealt. Stepping outside of boundaries to find a personal Truth has been my life mission, and even more interesting, is the fact that my life has played director all the way through. No matter where I went or how hard I tried to forget about believing in anything Divine or bigger than myself, the more something happened that led me right back.

If I can prepare you at all for anything, as a Spiritual Coach, it is to know that your spiritual journey is a precious looking glass. Once you open your heart and your mind to explore the powerful and profound realization of self, as a living document, you will not be able to turn a blind eye. The awareness will always be with you, its wisdom and presence will speak to you in mysterious ways, and new answers will be consistently revealed. Your journey into your person is sacred and dynamic, never will an absolute answer be revealed. The answers you seek can never be found in a book, nor can they be formulated with absolutes - your journey is a life-long journey.

More about me...

I have always been an avid student, both in school and in life. I remember the joys of my grammar school achievements as if they happened yesterday. Straight A’s in elementary school, being the leader of the gymnastics team, winning the spelling bee, being the jacks tournament champion, and having tons of awards were just the beginning steps of my life-long endeavors and journey as a student. My curiosity for life, meaning, and purpose was much better served, however, by my precious grandmother, who encouraged my curiosity and taught me, by example, to beholden faith, especially (and most of all) through the most challenging and trying times that life can throw at you.

As the eldest of my generation (in siblings and cousins) in a Hispanic family, I naturally became the protector, guardian, teacher, and compassionate hand over the care and support of others, especially my family. Everything I share as a Spiritual Coach & Therapist, is as a mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, cousin, niece, granddaughter, and spiritual nurturer. My intention is motivated through authentic empathy for the broken-spirited, those who long to know more about this wonderful thing called, “Life”.

As such a teacher and companion, I cannot tell a lie. I hold myself accountable to very high spiritual standards, including doing what I can to tap into your internal resources, so that you stand strong on your own two feet, and are confident in your stance.

I will give it to you straight. I am honest, upfront, inquisitive, and sincere. The reality is that life happens. We cannot control all outcomes, other people, or every situation, but we always have the power to control and equip ourselves in a way that ensures we will be okay through any situation.Your life’s journey IS your spiritual journey into a personal Truth.

Peaches & cream...

My life has not always been peaches and cream (as my aunt would say). There have been days of wrestling on Jacob’s ladder to get to where I am today – to a place where I feel safe and trust in my own process. And still, some days are better than others. Will there really ever be a time when we are just totally content and happy? I don’t think so. However, equipping ourselves with coping tools such as spiritual practices, mindful awareness, and a Divine connection is a powerful step in the spiritual recovery process. Healing begins from within.

What am I up to now?

Most of my time is spent learning something, studying something, or trying to figure something out. Currently, I am a full-time student at the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine (IBEM), a Native American Seminary. I am currently working towards a dual Doctorate, one in Natural Medicine (DNM), and the other, in Sacred Medicine (DSM). Included in this program is a certification in Auriculotherapy (BD) and Bio-Resonance Analysis.

As a current student, I am searching for volunteers to participate in and receive Auriculotherapy and a Bio-Resonance Analysis. Included will be Auriculotherapy, MetaTherapy, and a customized Homeopathic remedy customized to your body's specific needs. Contact me directly to learn more or to answer any questions. Thank you.