Constitutional (Astrological) Herbs; Herbs that work to support the body and immune system.

By knowing just a few of these unique aspects of yourself, you will have the keys for better communication, strengthening relationships, having patience with others, and knowing when to fold ‘em and walk away (if necessary). This is a fun project which empowers your confidence and self-understanding. Ahhh! Now I know why I keep doing that. What is in your dark side? When are you walking with your shadow? For every positive, there is also a negative. Do you know what the stars have in store for you?

In How Medicinal Plants Can Fuel Your Spiritual Evolution: Essential Insights that Unify Natural Medicine, Ecology & Spirituality, David Crow will help you understand plants in a more multi-dimensional way, so you can harmonize your bodily systems, heal old traumas and experience a more dynamic relationship with life force within and around you. RSVP today!

Your Personal Star Codes

Everything that is special and unique about you is written in the stars AND in your personal numbers. Have you ever wondered what all those numbers are in your astrology chart? Did you know that your name has a number vibration just as powerful as your Sun sign? Your destiny and soul number are just a few of the codes that can be discovered through a personalized AstroNumerology Report.

AstroNumerology is the specialized merging of two ancient divination arts, Astrology and Numerology. This customized report provides full details of your astrological chart and your numerology numbers. Most individuals know their Sun sign, but few understand the powerful influence of their Ascendent sign or the influence of others signs in their chart. Did you know that in ancient times, your Ascendent sign was most revered and recognized as the personality sign, above that of your Sun sign? How do the stars and numbers work together? And, what are all those numbers in the chart about? Everything means something.

It's not only your birthday and birth time that give power to your individuality. Your name at birth (and the name you currently use), also have influence over your personality, current emotional challenges, the success of your career, and your love life, in addition to other areas of your life. Where are your current struggles? What should you do next? Which career is best suited for you? When will you find the love of your life? Is he/she right for me? Why am I having these experiences, at this time? When is the best time (for me) to return to academia? Is this the right job for me? All of these questions (and more) can be answered through your Personalized AstroNumerology Report.

Your Astrological codes can reveal a lot about your personality, interests, demeanor, health, things that you are good at, and areas where you might be more successful. Your astrological codes can also reveal secrets about your love life. Can you imagine the information that is revealed when your Astrological codes are combines with your Numerology codes? It is said that all mysteries of the world can be solved through numbers. This personalized report is a specialized technique of combining your Astrological codes with your Numerology codes to reveal an in more depth understanding.

AstroNumerology / Astrology

4 Reports to Choose From

The basic AstroNumerology Report ranges from 10 - 15 pages, detailing your soul, personality, and destiny codes with descriptions. Also included in the report are personality strengths and weaknesses, current name fortune analysis, best career choices, and familial relationships.

You can add the following additional features to the basic report: Personal days, months, and years and / or a compatability report involving intimate or casual partnerships or acquaintances.

A 30% discount is offered with the purchase of all three reports.

Another basic report is the Astrological chart, detailing personality traits, planetary influences, familial relationships, and best career choices.

AstroNumerology / Astrology Reports