As a current student at The Institute of Bio-Energetic Medicine (IBEM), I am working towards my doctorate degrees in Natural Medicine (DNM), Sacred Medicine (DSM), and BioEnergetic Medicine (BD). I am also working toward certification in Auricular Medicine (ACI) and as a Biofeedback Practitioner (CBP). I am seeking out volunteers to receive both auricular therapy and biofeedback analysis and treatment. If you are interested, please contact me directly at or by telephone at (888) 267-8493. Thank you.

For my treatments, I use the following equipment:
- The Point-O-Select
- The Medicine Way
- The Medicine Wheel

Auriculotherapy (Auricular Medicine and Therapy) - Point-O-Select

Healing with Auriculotherapy
Study and research of reflex points on the ear (auricle) shows a direct connection to the physical body. Aucupuncture and/or acupressure on these points of the ear have shown immediate and/or positive results. Both physical and mental health issues have been successfully treated through Auricular Medicine and therapy.

Auricular Medicine is currently being used by a variety of institutions and professionals including Chiropractors, Dentists, Naturopathic Doctors (not the same as Natural Medicine Doctors), Nurses, Osteopathic Doctors, Physical Therapists, Reflexologists, Doctors of Natural Medicine, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, the US Military, and medical Doctors (especially in Europe). Auricular Medicine and Therapy are a culmination of both Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and European Auricular Medicine founded by the French Dr. Paul Nogier (and colleagues) in the 1950's.

Auricular medicine, therapy, and treatments that are offered by Doctors of Natural Medicine, Doctors of Sacred Medicine, or Doctors of Bioenergetic Feedback are non-invasive, meaning, they do not puncture the skin. VOLL Technology, the Point-O-Select, is used based on meridian theory as a supportive (or supplemental) treatment to traditonal Biofeedback.

Traditional auricular acupuncture has been used by Chinese healers for centuries. Evidence of its concepts and use in ancient China and Egypt have been discovered all around the world. Although several challenges of war and dogmas of leadership in China (over the centuries), challenged the teachings and use of China's Traditional Auricular Acupuncture, China was able to revitalize their healing practices of traditional auricular acupuncture in the late 1950's after they were introduced to Dr. Paul Nogier's somatotopic model of the auricle.

Bio-Resonance Feedback & Analysis - The Medicine Way

Bio-Resonance Analysis
Bio-resonance analysis and feedback has also been referred to as Resonance Spectroscopy Analysis, Quantum Resonance Analysis, Acoustic Analysis, Resonance Analysis, and Tomographic Scanning. It is a non-invasive technology which detects the biofield frequencies of the body (including all body systems), and is able to shift those frequencies to stimulate balance and encourage homeostasis. This technology is based on Quantum Entropy Logic Theory.

All disease and illness has a starting place. Energetic imbalance within the body begins at the cellular level. This imbalance can be detected, in its early stages, using The Medicine Way. A range of preventative measures can be introducted to the mind, body, mind, or spirit, before illness or disease become physiological, although supplemental care is also possible while in later stages of disease or illness.

Self-care regimens, spiritual care and consultations, herbal remedies, and a change in diet or daily activities can be implemented during any progressive stage of disease or illness. Bio-resonance analysis and feedback is a powerful, natural medicine tool to supplement, prevent, or support any ongoing imbalances within your mind, body, and spiritual systems.

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