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Consumer Credit & Analysis Report

A full consumer credit report analysis accompanied by a summary of options that are available to improve your credit score, build credit, repair your credit report, or meet purchasing goals. I highly recommend taking advantage of this analysis report before investing in credit repair agencies. You are able to complete, on your own, many of the services they provide. I offer strategies that literally shift those credit card statements from the "bills" pile, to the empower me pile, so that they begin to work for you, as they were originally intended. Nobody sets out to get credit, just to have another bill. Learn from me, how to make credit work for you!

It is important to shift your thinking around credit card debt. Yes, there is a bill associated with them, however, there is also a benefit from them when paid, you get to re-use the money you just paid to them and in most cases, it is just a matter of a few days.

One small strategy I would like to offer is to take your monthly bills, such as: car insurance, utility bill(s), monthly memberships, cell phone bill, etc. and add them up on a monthly basis. Now, look at your credit card credit limits. If you have a credit card with a credit limit, equal to or less than your total bills, use that credit card to pay your bills. Instead of paying your bills AND your credit card, you are going to pay just the credit card (in full) - it's the same as paying your bills individually in addition to your credit card.

If your credit card balance is maxed out, contact your monthly debtors to ask for one month's reprieve, don't pay them, but pay your credit card instead. You will be one month behind on your regular bills, however, they do NOT report to the credit bureaus. Your credit card company does. Once you pay off your credit card,... Read More Here