Consumer Credit Coaching

There could be a number of reasons why someone might not want to look at their consumer credit report. Some people have no clue what they will find and others are just simply afraid to know.

I am offering a full credit analysis & report of all three of your consumer credit reports. I will provide a written report upon a full analysis of what needs to be technically done to rid yourself of obsolete or outdated information, how to improve your credit score, or how to meet a certain future purchasing goal(s).

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You can purchase your analysis and report below. Please allow 7 days to receive your full analysis and report once I receive your credit reports.

Business Credit Profile - Start Here!

  (PDF): Getting Started on Building Your Business Credit Profile

Do you know where you are? If you currently have your own business, but have never used business credit or if you have been denied business credit, this presentation is perfect for you!

If you are just beginning to get your business started, this presentation is perfect for you!

The steps to meet the 20 credibility points are within this presentation and meeting these points will gain you access to credit and financing in no time, I promise.

Once you have met all the crediblity points, you will have access to high limit financing and loans within 30 - 45 days. However, access to vendor credit is immediate. Contact me anytime if you need support or have questions. Thank you.

Business Credit & Financing

Business credit is one of the most powerful ways to double your financial power. If you are currently a business owner or are in the planning or "dreaming of" phase of building a business, learning all that you can about business financing, what it is, and how it benefits you, will save you a lot of time and insulting bank denials.
There is so much to share about business credit and how to gain access to loans or financing (without having to personally guarantee) the credit, that putting all the information into this one page is literally impossible. What I would prefer to do instead, is share the basics to get you started through the articles listed at the bottom of this page.
I learned the hard way when first starting my business. I knew nothing about business credit and when leasing an office, purchasing office equipment, paying for marketing materials and services, and furnishing an office, I used my own personal credit cards. Boy! That was mistake number one.
If I had known then, the damage that was about to befall my consumer credit score, I would have done some research first.
You will find lots of useful information in the articles below. You may discover though, that with business credit, not only are the limits up to 10X higher, you may take advantage of business credit to recover or consolidate personal debt.
Getting yourself set up is easy, it takes some dotting your I's and lining your T's, but once the papework is in place, you won't have to worry about it again. Also, the paperwork and setting up a business credit profile is pretty straight forward and you will have access to business credit and financing within 30 - 90 days. I followed the guidelines below and had myself on the road to credit recovery within a few months.
Now, I have a car loan for my business and approximately $50,000 in revolving business credit, including Amazon for Business, US Bank Business Card, 2 commercial fuel cards, and vendor credit for supplies.
As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like my assistance, as a Coach, with getting set up.
To learn more about the Business Finance Suite, which gives you immediate access to vendors, creditors, loans, and walks you through each and every step of getting yourself set up with a business credit profile, vendors, and loans and financing, click the button below to visit my sister site, Embrace(D) for Success
If you are ready to get started today, I have marked down the price of the Business Finance Suite by 30%, for a limited time. You will have immediate access to the suite after purchase.
Business credit coaching services are available. The steps are not difficult, but may require patience and follow through, and who better to keep you on track than a Life Coach?


Consumer Credit Analysis & Report


A full consumer credit report analysis accompanied by a summary of options that are available to improve your credit score, build credit, repair your credit report, or meet purchasing goals. I highly recommend taking advantage of this analysis report before investing in credit repair agencies. You are able to complete, on your own, many of the services they provide. I offer strategies that literally shift those credit card statements from the "bills" pile, to the empower me pile, so that they begin to work for you, as they were originally intended. Nobody sets out to get credit, just to have another bill. Learn from me, how to make credit work for you!

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Business Finance Suite
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Single-pay, weekly, or monthly payment plans are available.

Just a few of the many benefits:
- Get approved for funding and build your business

The Business Finance Suite is the most comprehensive funding solution in the world today.

Learn more about these amazing business benefits by viewing my introduction video. By clicking "Learn More", you will be redirected to my sister site, Embrace(D) for Success, created exclusively to provide information and testimonials on business credit, how it works, the benefits of business credit, and to introduce you to this fascinating program.

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Business Credit Coaching Services

$150.00 Hr.

Although preparing your business documents properly appears as a pretty basic process, you may find yourself stuck on a stone in the road. Also, some individuals may not have the time or the patience to follow through or up on the process. If you get stuck in any area of the formalities of paperwork, I am here to help. Reach out today if needed. You may also contact me via online chat. Don't forget to download the presentation I share on this page which will walk you through each and every step to setting up your business credit profile. The presentation is offered in both .pdf and .ppt.

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