Download PDF: Holistic Psychotherapy: Reconciling the Mind, Body, and Spirit Connections

Daily Mindful Practice:
Listen to your heart in any given moment. You can be in the middle of traffic, walking from one room to the next, completing a household chore, or lying in bed. Place your hand over your heart. Feel the rhythm of the beat. Whisper to yourself and to your heart, "thank you for being here for me". Take a deep breath in for 5 seconds and release for 5 seconds, this is called the "heart breath". Imagine a colored light (of your choosing) radiating to and from your heart at a distance as far as you can see. Remember, to take equal and even breaths throughout your day as you become aware of a body sign/symptom indicating stress or anxiety or just a need to affirm your awareness to the current moment. Blessings to your heart today.

Colors & Emotions (darker colors are more physical and emotional in nature and lighter colors are more spiritual and mental in nature)
Red - Passion and movement
Orange - Creativity and emotions
Yellow - Mentality and structure
Green - Healing and loving bonds
Blue - Communication and knowledge
Violet - Stategic awareness and higher intuition
White - Purity and spirituality
Gray - Concealment and protection
Black - Mysticism and magick
Silver - Openness to guidance
Gold - Integrity and spiritual power

Born to "do"
Because of our busy, fast-paced lifeststyle; i.e. always busy with something, engaging in something, or pressured with something to do, we are functioning through our sympathetic nervous system most of the time. After some time of living this way, we psychologically adapt (to some degree) to accept high-drive, anxious, and stressful sensations as normal. Millions of people around the globe accept their stress and anxiety as "just the way they do it", not realizing the harm that is being done to their body systems, literally. The heart beats faster, the body is overwhelmed with imbalanced oxygen and chemistry, and the muscles are tight - daily, on a regular basis. Once such a submission is embodied and psychologically accepted, then structures and functions within our bodies begin to take on the toll of all that pressure resulting in pathological expressions such as: anxiety, stress, dis-ease, high blood pressure, heart palpatations, anger, intolerance, etc.

Then, when something happens upon us such as: stress, chest pains, anxiety, excessive sweating, an inability to sleep, or we become quick-tempered, we turn to self-care measures such as: Yoga, meditation, spiritual practices, etc. to try and get ahold of our imbalances and recover some reprieve. It may be then that we discover just how challenging or strange it "feels" to actually relax and allow ourselves to rest. Many individuals are super challenged by this simple (and I will argue, natural) way of being. Think of how backwards it is to have to learn how to rest and digest. Where and when did we ever learn that we had to go, go, go? As fresh, new babies, we were not born with an agenda to "do" anything. Gradually, through family, our communities, lifestyle, or traditions, we were conditioned to live in an internalized hyperactive state. With a brief moment to review, ask yourself what may have provoked over-activity in your person?

Your present state of being may not be related to your nervous system at all, which is extremely rare, but it may be connected to something else, such as: spiritual pain, emotional dysfunction, repressed memories, or an inability to self-manage anger or sadness. This is the benefit of working with a Holistic Psychotherapist, they can guide your journey into yourself to discover where your imbalances lie.

Services, duration, and policy:
Holistic Psychotherapy typically requires at least 3 sessions to fully get to know each other, work out a Care Plan, and access relevant information specific to your situation and outcome expectations. The hourly rate for my services is $95.00. You will receive detailed background, academic, training, and licensing information about me as part of the Mandatory Disclosures. When choosing or researching who you may choose to trust with your sacred life experiences and well-being, it is extremely important that you feel safe, nurtured, listened to, and strengthened by your care provider. I highly encourage you to be picky and decisive with your self-care processes.

If you are in search of new or creative ways to spiritually re-connect, heal spiritual wounds, or establish a personal relationship with the Divine, you may want to research Spiritual Coaching. I also offer Spiritual Coaching services.

Holistic Psychotherapy

You are an amazing and divine creation!

Whether or not you have a religious or spiritual tradition through which you live by, the truth is, you are an energetic and dynamic universe simply by being alive - as are all living things, and this is a statement that is backed by the intelligence of Science, Theology, Anatomy & Physiology, Philosophy, and Psychology (just to name a few).

Working to understand the mind, body, and spirit connections.
Understanding the mind, body, and spirit connections is vital because how you feel today, both inside and out, dictates the quality of your life; your lived experience.

There are many systems within your bodily universe that function in a certain way and to serve a certain life-giving purpose. Function dictates just about everything in your life. How do you function? Just as a side note, structure dictates function and your body is an absolute structure. For example, your respiratory system functions to provide your body with the necessary oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange it needs to support the lymphatic, cardiac and circulatory systems within your body. No one body system is separate from the other, they all work together (in harmony or not) to manifest this amazing creation, called you.

Your spirit, your life force, your vital energy, your Chi, is electric and vibrational. This energetic life force is served and supported by your body's chemistry, also referred to as biochemistry and organic chemistry. Everything that you put into your body, from food to thought patterns, has an eletricial or vibrational charge to it. An example could be cheating on a diet. It may not be the donut for lunch that went straight to the tummy area, the explosion in the tummy area could also be part of the guilt you swallowed as you ate the donut. Natural medicine traditions from around the world have understood this basic concept for centuries.

Holistic Psychotherapy serves you best by exploring your thought patterns, belief systems, self-understanding and compassion, and how or where you carry those internalized patterns into your body. As a Certified Biofeedback Practitioner and Ordained Minister, I take advantage of the specialized tools of Holistic Psychotherapy to educate, transform, and create meaningful change that you are ready to manifest and accept into your life.

Tools and strategies at our disposal include spiritual practices (not for Divine connection purposes) to harmonize the functions of your life force energy and chemistry and nervous system responses, biofeedback tools to support the heart and brain connections through proper breathing techniques and brain functioning, and natural medicine dietary recommendations as appropriate for your personal needs. These are just a few of the tools at our disposal. See my Services page for more biofeedback tools that are available.

Your spiritual body, your energetic and vital body is not so easily seen, and too often is disregarded or avoided because of its intensity and connection to the heart, but it has, what many traditions believe, the most powerful impact on your ability to live your best life. If something is disturbing the function of your spiritual, energetic life force, it will surely reflect through some aspect of your body - also referred to as physiology. Not all natural medicine such as: Yoga, meditation, prayer, spiritual practices, are exclusively for Divine connections or higher levels of consciousness. Many are actually structured to support your ability to "Be" - as a human being (not as a human doing), and to encourage your ability to stay in the "rest and digest", parasympathetic nervous system zone where healing and recovery occur.

Of the most important body systems and functions for health and well-being is the central nervous system. If you have ever experienced trauma, crisis, pain, fear, anger, frustration (and more) adrenaline provoking experiences, then you likely can relate to what happens to the nervous system during those challenging moments. A triggered sympathetic nervous system is quite jolting physically, emotionally, spiritually, and chemically. The primary, intentioned function of the sympathetic nervous system is to serve you at a time when action and reaction are needed. It is energy invoking so that you are able to take action as necessary (to get out of harms way) and it also produces pain relieving chemicals in the brain to protect you. Ever notice how in the midst of something traumatizing, you don't really feel the pain until after?

Unlocking the secrets of your spiritual story:
Through client-centered, narrative therapy and story-telling techniques, your spiritual story can be engaged, revealing and releasing many silent truths that direct your presence, actions, decisions, feelings, and reasons. There are deeply embedded secrets (unrevealed truths) within your spiritual story, that are not meant to be exploitative, but to serve as keys to unlock blockages, disturbances, and fears that may holding you back from living your personal truth and your best life by disturbing your innate state of balance - homeostasis.

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