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Spiritual Coach, Holistic Psychotherapy by
Ramona Christine, MDiv, CBP, CAT, CLC, CACI
Where learning to trust our natural gifts of healing and wellness is not something we must do, but something we simply need to remember

Mind, body, and spirit are one.
As a child, you did not know:
- You did not know those things you should fear
- You did not know how to hold on to those things that harm you
- You did not know that a world of external influences would dictate your future.

As a child, you dared to dream and believe that your life would (and could) be anything you desired it to be. So, what changed?

How/where did you lose track of the divinely inspired gift of connection?

Learn with me, how to listen to and trust in what your mind, body, and spirit are trying to say.

Physical manifestations are not sudden. They had a starting place and that place is deep within. Deep within can be as minute as the cellular level or the spiritual level.

How much of what ails you today has been influenced by a belief and trust in what has been told to you or imposed upon you?

What are the recurring stories in your head that dictate your beliefs (about yourself), that may not be true? Have you ever wondered how you came to accept and live into a truth that really is not true at all?

That pain in your shoulder may not be a shoulder problem. Those tears you cry may not be depression. That anger you feel may be trying to tell you something. Becoming entangled in assumptions is very disempowering.

My goals as a Spiritual Coach and Holistic Psychotherapist is to help you to re-connect to your core truth and to learn to trust in the messages of your body.

How should your spirit speak, if not literally through physical or mental manifestations?

Your spirit speaking and learning to listen to your spirit has nothing to do with religion or spirituality. Learning to re-connect to your core, your vital life force, is a natural gift, simply because you are alive.

Easy answers and quick fixes are the convenience of the times, however, they are merely band-aids over a deeper wound.

Soul searching, self-care, and self-understanding are not something that you have to make time for or pencil into your calendar, they are innate tools to support a life more fully lived with meaning, purpose, and moments of intense joy.

Affirming Your Personal Truth
Is to be... Honest with... Yourself

Fear is but the protector, while anger is the shield. Compliance is but ignorance, while knowledge is never known. What do you know? Through whose truth do your live your day-to-day?

As a Spiritual Coach, I accompany and bear witness to your "spiritual" autobiography. How often have you been invited to share your spiritual story?

From where do personal conflicts arise? From where did your beliefs and values emerge? Who (or what) has constructed your worldview?

Knowing your spiritual story is one thing, but engaging with a witness is another.

Sharing your spiritual autobiography is a powerful healing tool, one that I use most to engage recognition, validation, acknowledgement, understanding, acceptance, and respect.

The healing power of being heard and witnessed is beyond magick; it is truly transforming. Mind, body, and spirit reign in harmony and balance (homeostasis), which is truly all that is required to live a happier and more fulfilling life - through the good times and the bad.

Existentialism & Epistemology
What are you doing here?

It may not be religion, it may not be spirituality, but the life force (Bio-Energy) within you seeks to know more about this physical experience called life.

Despite being pulled around by the day-to-day, told what to do (or how to be), or seeking validation or healing from sources outside of yourself, there is a journey within where the answers to your deepest questions can be explored.

It is all too easy to search for quick-fixes and easy answers through other avenues. However, the truth (your personal truth), can best be discovered from within.

As a Spiritual Coach, I encourage you to wallow in your sadness, grief, pain, and challenges, because when you emerge, you will truly emerge free from those binds that have held you back from living your best life for far too long. You will be equipped to manage and understand your human experiences, the good and the bad.

Education, insight, new ways of perceiving the world around you, and engaging with a companion will get you there.

Spirituality or religiosity are NOT required. All that is required is a willingness, an intention, and a question.

Quora: Must one have a religious or spiritual affinity for Divine activity in ones life?

Years of heartache, grief, trauma, and crisis, as a single mother, forced me to ask and search for the answers to the profound question of "Why?"

Life has not been easy. I used to imagine what it would be like if my life fell perfectly into the paradigms that have been socially constructed. In other words, I used to wrestle with what it meant to be “normal”. Why would anyone find themselves asking that question? Who in the world created an ideology of “normal”? Somewhere in the world, there are these entities referred to as, "they" and "they" dictate a lot (to many) of what "should" be.

Who are these "they" individuals and what in the world do they know about me?

In my deepest contemplations, I challenged myself to step beyond the boundaries that were built around me through my upbringing, traditions, culture, school, family, friends, church, and societal expectations, to discover what it meant to be me, to experience what I had, and from where I ever got the strength to endure. "They" were not going to control my life. From that point forward, I was hooked. My longing for knowledge, far and wide, grew from there. I continue to be amazed by the infinite possibilities of what it means to be alive, to experience, to wonder, and to become.

Are you caught in a spinning whirlwind of going nowhere? Do you feel stuck in your life? Are you longing for something more? Something different? Do you just want to feel better about who you are? Do you know who you are? Are you just getting by or do you dream of something more? What keeps you stuck? Are "they" controlling your life? What are you longing for? Whether it be a healthier life, feeling content from within, or whether you are searching for something more from within, working with a Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapist or Spiritual Coach may be an ideal first step. I cannot say that I have all the answers, but I do have enough questions to jump start your journey. What is it you are searching for in this life?

Life is hard and it will throw curve balls but suffering never has to land without purpose or meaning. Spending time with your spirit's innate curiosity and nurturing the need from within will manifest change, good health, and purpose in your life.

The search for serenity begins from within, a journey best accompanied by someone you trust, who does not judge or question the miles in your shoes.

RamonaC, MDiv, O.C., CLC, CACI

Ordained Minister of Natural Medicine

2020 - Present Ordained by First Nations Ministry, The Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations
2017 - 2020 Ordained by Universal Life Church

The Learning just Never Ends

The Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine (IBEM)
Currently a full-time student at IBEM working towards a dual doctorate in Sacred Medicine (DSM) and Natural Medicine (DNM), including Auriculotherapy, Homeopathic Natural Medicine, and Bio-Resonance Analysis Certification. Expected graduation in 2023.
Currently seeking volunteers for Auriculotherapy and Bio-resonance analysis. Contact me for details.

Ministerial Ceremonies Available

Services for Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals, and House Blessings are available. Due to COVID-19, some restrictions apply.
Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapists serve clients of any or no religious/spiritual affiliation.

My Biography

My formal quest to serve others as a Spiritual Care provider began over 30 years ago. Insight and compassion for the pain of others was embedded as a child, who had seen, much suffering. As a young child, I learned from my pious grandmother to pray for the suffering, to pray for solutions, and to pray for protection against all struggle, suffering, or harm. Every night, my grandmother and I sat at the alter, praying, lighting candles, and pleading for intervention. My grandmother was the Spiritual Healer and her entire life was devoted to nurturing the brokenness of all who came to her for help.

I did not want to be a Spiritual Healer per se. I wanted to be an Architect. However, life’s crazy curve balls have led me on many journeys which is how I ended up being a bartender, a web developer, and a house cleaner. My struggle to survive (on many levels) led the way at every twist and turn.

The struggle to survive motivated existential questions that have led me where I am today. Epistemology keeps me asking the questions. What do we really know? Does it do any good to know anything if we don’t do anything with what we know? What is wasted knowledge? more...

Who I Work With

The Spiritually Curious

The Spiritually Curious individual wants (needs) to know more. They are driven to ask deep questions about themselves, their life, their experiences, and are sure there is more to it then just nothing. Spiritual awakening begins with the first step of realization and progresses from there. However, like any looking glass, once you take a look, there is no turning back.

The Broken Spirit

Spiritual wounds cut the deepest and are difficult to nurture. Often times, they are accompanied by feelings of despair, loneliness, abandonment, or hopelessness. How does one begin to heal the wounds of the broken spirit? What would it take to inspire hope through the darkness or comfort in the pain? My first approach is to bear witness to your story, your spiritual story.

Life-Changing Wanna-Be’s
(Life Coaching Services)

So, you think you want change in your life? Are you truly prepared for change? Have you imagined all that it could be "if just"? Changing anything in your life, changes everything in your life. Are you really ready? And, have you thought it all through? If I were to ask what it was you want to change, my next question would be "why?"

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Spiritual/Life Coaching services are accompanied by a Coaching Agreement which outlines the specific goals and duration of time through which those goals can be accomplished. You are the director of the process. What would you like to see in your life? Free consultations are available to discuss options and opportunities.

The majority of my Spiritual and Life Coaching services are provided through my Spiritual Recovery Webinars. They are designed to provoke questions from where the answers reside within you. The goal of the webinars is to discover meaning and purpose in your experiences. Their mission is to support healing from within. The wounds, illness, or disease which have manifest into the physical realm had a starting place much deeper than the flesh and this is why these webinars are designed so that you can work on them at your own pace. Nurturing your own pain is a process that requires acceptance, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and love of self. In many cases, nurturing ourselves in this way, is easier said than done.

Note: As a participant in the Spiritual Recovery Webinars or various support groups, you are entitled to one-on-one Spiritual/Life Coaching services. Some time-limited restrictions apply. Please review the Webinar Participation Agreement for details.

The Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine (IBEM) is the wholesale provider of all products (sacramentals) sold on this website.

All of the natural herbal sacramentals provided by IBEM have been anointed and prayed over by a Minister and Natural Doctor (DSM) of the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations. To anoint means to sanctify for a holy purpose, and, in this case, it means to heal the sick.

As a student of IBEM, I am an authorized reseller of the products listed on this website. Any questions or concerns regarding your order or product will be addressed and remedied immediately. Your spiritual care and overall well-being are my top priority. You may contact me directly with any concerns regarding your product order.

At this time, shipping outside of the United States is not available. Domestic orders and delivery only.

No. As a Spiritual & Life Coach, my services are provided to anyone seeking to know more about (or to acquire a companion) on their personal spiritual journey. The wisdom traditions which inform my belief systems and spiritual care services are the culmination of many earth-based and spiritual wisdom traditions which entitles every living thing to respect and honor. There are no religious or spiritual limitations through my spiritual care services. With the Divine, all things are possible.

As a Spiritual & Life Coach, my personal theologies have been informed and manifest through the integration of many earth-based and spiritual traditions including Native American Spirituality, Paganism, Wicca, Science of Mind / Religious Science (not the same as Christian Science), The Law of Attraction, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Catholicism, and Curanderismo.

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The Blog - One Wounded Healer's Rantings

Not really a Blogger per se, although all hope is not lost. As a life-long journalist (as a means of self-care), I have put on paper many of my internal processes, contemplations, prayers, hopes, fears, and life stories. I will be sharing them along the way, as a tool of community healing through story telling. There is also a lot of informational "this and that" content within the blog.

If you have a life story, poem, or drawing that you would like to share on The Blog, feel free to send them to and I will post them online. Thank you.

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