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I used to pray for what I thought (or believed) I (or my loved ones) needed until I realized the deep spiritual disappointment when it didn't come to pass as I had prayed. I learned then that I am but a small human being, with limited ability to understand everything, including any reasons why. I also learned then, that I had to trust in the Divine, that the Divine knew the way, and just like my grandmother taught me, I had to trust that "God never deceives and always has a way." So, the most valuable lesson I learned through my spiritual challenges, is not to expect or doubt, but to pray for the strength to handle whatever came my way. I knew then, that every prayer would be answered, so long as I believed and maintained my faith by embracing my vulnerabilities and nurturing my spiritual self.

We must not take for granted the (positive/negative) impact our presence has on the lives of others. As energy beings, we leave an impression of ourselves upon everything we contact. Mindful awareness of our moral compass, beliefs, and values is the key to express ourselves authentically. Only you have the power to decide how you will and do express yourself in your lived experience.

Everyday Prayer

Beloved, Divine, Great Creator, Mother Goddess, Father God

As THE all knowing...
You know my heart and my thoughts

You know that an hour ago, I prayed for comfort, love, and protection to be bestowed upon my loved ones

And I know you heard my prayer (in my silent thoughts), a moment ago, when I asked for clarity and some peace

I also asked yesterday, and again, in this moment, for compassion and harmony in the world

And even later today, I am sure I will ask for something again, most assuredly that your presence be with me and my loved ones at all times (sometimes, in my times of worry and despair, I forget and sometimes doubt that you are always present), so I ask again, that you actively protect us from the harm of others and even, the harm we may unwittingly do to ourselves

When I am overwhelmed, I ask for a sense of calm within my person, with a confident knowing that you are omnipresent and forever in movement in my life and on my behalf and in response to my needs of serenity and comfort

Show me the signs that trigger me to remember, because sometimes I forget, that as a Divine being, I AM never abandoned

My every thought is a prayer in action

My every thought is a silent prayer, some moments it is for my loved ones, some moments it is for the world, some moments it is for peace on earth, some moments it is to subside the pain and suffering of all, and in some moments it is a simple sigh of relief and gratitude for my many Blessings

Most importantly, remind me with little signs of good will, smiles on the faces of others, and with small gifts of kindness and compassion that no matter where I am or what I am doing, you are forever present and in action on my behalf

Remind me, in gentle and safe ways, to rest assured that I am not alone and that my prayers are always heard and acted upon

Remind me, too, of the power of my life force as it touches the lives of others, so that I may partake in Divine expression of self in this world of one

Amen. Mote it be. And so it is.

My Mission...

I am a Minister, a teacher, and a guide – not a Preacher.

My mission is to serve the highest good of others so that they may find their way to something bigger and beyond themselves that brings them joy, a sense of serenity, and comfort during their dark nights of the soul.

My philosophy of care is to nurture and reach out with compassion towards every other living being with the highest of intentions to express outward from within.

My goal is to serve others through authentic compassion to achieve their highest good and best life.

My purpose is to teach, learn, and guide into a higher awareness of self to acquire meaning and purpose as we engage this life.

My intention is to live from within, through the spirit and life force of self, to bring light to the transcendence and omnipresence of the Divine, however, that may shine.

Religious, Spiritual, and Wisdom traditions I live and teach through:
- Native American Spirituality
- Curanderismo
- Pagan
- Wicca
- Catholicism
- Buddhism
- Taoism
- Science of Mind / Religious Science (not the same as Christian Science)
- Law of Attraction

I share and teach what I believe, not as a source of mandating standards of living, but to encourage curiosity and intrigue for a life more fully lived and experienced:
- There is no such thing as right or wrong – ask me why
- Unconditional love is the foundation of our creation and lived experiences
- We are one with everything in the universe
- Live into your highest integrity through self-understanding
- Forgiveness is key to healthy living and a fulfilled life
- Faith is defined through the lens of the beholder
- Intention is everything and results in everything that is in our lives
- Do no harm!
- God is Omnipresent, Transcendent, and Infinite
- The Divine is in everything that is
- Every living thing is the Divine expressed
- Energy cannot be created nor detroyed and consistently travels in circles
- We are what we believe
- Words to power - manifest through belief and self-talk
- Existentialism is key to wholeness (autonomy and self-reliance)
- Religious, spiritual, or not, the Universe is forever responding to us

Expression of self from the inside, out. I, Ramona Christine, on behalf of myself and the spiritual care services I provide, do not condone, advocate for, or agree with any unjust, harmful, or careless acts against another living being including the earth, the environment, animals, and humans. We are ALL Divinely created beings. Everything that we say and do has an impact on the lives of others, no matter how big or how small. Stand strong in your beliefs and your integrity as an act of self expression and dignity. Be Blessed. Be well.

Although circumstances in my life influenced my decision(s) to turn away from my core religion and spiritual beliefs and practices, there was really no escaping it. Every turn in my life: trauma, crisis, change, growth, etc., led me back to my core. Very similar to running back to home base for safety. What is your home base? What are your core beliefs and values? Running back to home base during trying times is true for every human being (or, is it?). Is it true that an experience of the profound sends you back to yourself? Suddenly, you are aware that you exist and that this is your experience and your experience alone? In these moments, what do you reach for? Home base?

Although prayer is a tool that works for me, it may not work for all. For those who do not believe in prayer, consider this... "What is a prayer?" Is your self-talk not a prayer? What does your self-talk say? Compare that with the manifestations in your life. Are your current circumstances a result of what you tell yourself? If so, what is a prayer? What makes a prayer a prayer anyway? Is prayer the only way in which we, as humans, communicate with that force beyond ourselves? What are our thoughts if not silent prayers? With or without religion or spirituality and prayer as a tool, the universe responds (energetically) - this is not religious talk, it is science and has been proven: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed.

I am forever spiritually indebted to my precious grandmother for instilling the core value of faith into my being. Faith, for me, supported my survival through extremely challenging experiences in my life. Faith in what? Without the push of that inner voice, I cannot say where I may have ended up in my life. My grandmother's gift was to remind me that I had it within me to get through life's real-life challenges. And, although the face of my grandmother’s God and all the other impersonators of my grandmother’s God changed over time, the transcendence of God secured my Divine relationship and connection, giving me hope which (literally) got me through my difficult times. In my "Spiritual Recovery" package, we talk about what it means to be a survivor. What do you mean when you refer to yourself as a survivor?

I truly believe in the power of changing our minds to change our lives. I have lived it, as you will discover through my life stories. The concept of harmonizing actions with thought is a basic Psychology, known as "Dialectical Behavioral Therapy". When we match our actions to our beliefs and thoughts, life just seems to fall into place and begins to make sense.

Although we can never change life's unexpected curve balls, a higher level of balance and harmony in mind, body, and spirit benefits the value of our lives and improves our over-all health (mental and physical). Moments of joy and happiness are possible when we have the skills to cope with unexpected (or even expected) change.

You are never alone. Amen. And So It Is. Mote it be.

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