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My Philosophy of Care is to encourage and support a self-directed journey into your person. Your spiritual recovery journey is about you, it is sacred, fluid, and unique.

Breaking free from limiting beliefs, dogmas, paradigms, and the advice of others is the first step toward spiritual recovery. You must disassemble to reassemble.

Think about all of the degrees of input into your person:
Community narratives, “What will the neighbors think?”
Family dynamics and systems, “Shame. Blame. Guilt. Accountability.”
Grammar School / Academia, “These are the rules...”
Government/ Laws, “You are in violation of...”
National Narratives / Socially Constructed Ideologies, "I pay my taxes which affords me the right of..." (Entitlement & Privilege) -- Think about the disappointment, frustration, anger, or sadness that is possible when you don't get what you think you are entitled to - not only by your national standing, but also within your personal theology - "prayers unanswered"
Spouse, “You promised when...”
Church, “Thou shall...”
Friends, “Don’t do it that way, do it this way...”
Your own thought process, “Something must be wrong with me.”

Can you tell me when you lost yourself? If I were to ask you today to describe “who you are”, what would you say? How do you describe yourself to anyone else? Are you without an imposed ideology of who you are? Whose Truth are you living into?

In real-life, there is no shortage of external sources prepared to tell us who we are, what we need to do, how we should be, or why. Life is pretty much planned out, organized by the hour, and accompanied by a “to-do” list. Have you found yourself being run by your life rather than the other way around? Are you ready to take control of your own life? Are you prepared to do the work it takes to claim your life as your own?

Just like anything that is good for you, like exercise or a new healthy diet, the work required of you may hurt a little. Spiritual recovery is a journey within that requires honesty, compassion, empathy, understanding, and sincerity – with yourself. The journey within is a sacred journey that only YOU can experience. I am prepared to accompany and guide your journey within. Of course, like any good coach, I would not ask you to do anything that I have not done myself.

I have spent many years crying on the floor, apologizing to others, writing letters, searching for ways to forgive myself and others, stayed awake late at night just to think things through, and I continue to work towards a calm place within where I can embrace myself for all of my humanness, faults, mistakes, regrets, fears, and sorrows. The journey towards spiritual recovery, like a looking glass, does not come to a peaceful end. It becomes a forever journey. A journey, that once begun, cannot be put on the shelf.

Just as any coach does, I challenge to encourage and am your first cheer leader in celebration of your successes. As a Spiritual Coach and Therapist, it is my duty and responsibility (to you), to heighten your awareness and to shine light on the tools which are already in your possession. They were cast into darkness that day you lost yourself. No matter where you are in your life, you have the tools within to navigate yourself. You just need a little nudge. I nudge myself all the time. What am I doing? Where am I? Where do I want to be? Am I okay with this?

Mindful awareness of self is a life-giving spiritual practice. Now that you have read this far, I challenge you to listen to your thoughts. What are you thinking? What do they say? Whose voice is in your head? Again, whose Truth are you living into?

Riddle me this...
I am sitting alongside the roadway,
I am not a stop or yield sign
I am not a streetlight
I am not even the bright side of the moon

I do not have the exact directions,
But I have been on each end of the road,
I have journeyed the many forks in the road that are along the way,
I have found a few treasure maps on those journeys that I am willing to share,
So if you invite me to accompany your journey, I might know a way...
However, if I don’t know a way, and we somehow end up lost, I can promise you one thing,
You will not be alone on this journey.

What am I?

I am a Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapist.

If you are on the soul-searching road and looking for new ways to discover or challenge yourself towards personal growth or spiritual recovery, I offer a compassionate “Spiritual Recovery” webinar designed exclusively for you.

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