Today's Prayer

And to the Highest of Powers, I ask for your comfort today.
I ask for you presence and action over my situation. I ask for the wisdom and the insight to maintain a sense of safety. I ask for intervention, support, and protection over those things I do not understand and am unable to control. For these things that I ask, I am grateful and confident. I now release and let go in Blessings. Blessed be unto you. Amen. And so it is.

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Prayer Request

Sometimes full-blown services are not needed. Sometimes, we just need a boost of confidence or some words of encouragement.
If something weighs heavy on your heart or mind today, please complete the "Prayer Request" form below for an immediate response of action and prayer on your behalf.
For every prayer request received, I light a candle upon my alter with a solemn prayer over your situation.
You are never alone in your struggles. Although the immediate weight, pressure, worry, or concern may feel or appear overwhelming, I ask you to hold on for a few moments more, through an act of faith and belief that nothing lasts forever.
My prayer for you, always, is to have the strength to endure and the wisdom to foresee. Be Blessed. Be well.


Prayer Request