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Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) has been discussed most by Dr. Kenneth I. Pargament, a Professor of Psychology at Bowling Green State University. Dr. Pargament has several publications discussing the importance and significance of spirituality and religiosity as it relates to the overall well-being of the human psyche and emotional health. Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy is a specialized form of care which opens up unlimited channels and unconditional space for whole-person healing.

Whole-person care is the inclusion of all aspects of an individual including the mind, body, and spirit. The separation of emotional ailments or pain from (possibly) deeply embedded moral conflict or spiritual pain no longer limits human possibilities or healing potential. The advantage of working with an SIP specialist is the inclusion of all aspects of your being: mind, body, and spirit. This is a non-secular approach. Being in touch with your spiritual self does not require religion or spirituality. These levels of your being, however, can be informed by a deeply embedded belief and value system which was at one time significant in your life or developmental years. According to many ancient and world traditions, spiritual pain or suffering begins within, working it's way outward, into a physical or psychological manifestation.

Psychological - Includes the mental, emotional, and behavioral dysfunctions or distortions. Only you can name for yourself where and when you first began to recognize struggles related to Psychological dysfunction. Anxiety is one of the more dangerous psychological illnesses because it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, holding your body hostage in a state of "fight or flight".

Physical - All disease begins at the cellular level. Bioenergetic technology can detect the beginning stages of illness at the cellular level, prior to physical manifestation. Some physical diseases are caused by trauma, genetics, ergonomics, physical damage, or simple lack of exercise.

Chemical - Chemical damage can result from self-infliction (such as smoking, substance use, diet, etc.), toxins (such as pollution or pesticides) and even because of the lack of good chemicals.

Spiritual - When an individual feels their life has no purpose or meaning, when dealing with moral conflict, or when there is a lack of connectedness (or connection) to something bigger than themselves or community.

Whether religious or spiritual or not, as spiritual and living beings, our day-to-day life, worldviews, beliefs and values, and self-understanding are influenced by what lies at the core of our person.

Consider, for a moment, the words most used by you to tell your story. What role do you play in your own story? Creator and author or actor?

Is there just one perspective in any story?
Until I learned this new perspective regarding my existence in my own story, I did not realize how often I told my story through the lens of a victim. I was doomed to punishment and suffering because I continuously failed to live into the expectations of God and those who claimed to speak on God's behalf regarding my failures.

God's opinion of me, as understood through the judgments of others, was a deeply embedded theology taught to me as a child. Although I turned my back on that theology in my late teens, I continued to live through that theology, without realization. This embedded belief and value system perpetuated, I believe, many years of domestic violence and struggle because I did not believe within myself that I had any power (or right) to change it. If I was not supported by the Highest Being (God), then who was I to try and resist or change? I was simply living, as an obedient, as life drug me around by the leash. Looking back at all the years I lived into that story has been just as painful as it has been healing.

Changing my perspective literally changed and saved my life.

Writing and re-writing your spirtual autobiography is just one tool utilized by my Spiritual Coaching program. Visit my Services page for more information.

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