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Whole-person, Spiritual Care intended to encourage personal growth and self-discovery. A natural alternative to health and overall well-being.

My goal of service is to empower individuals with tools and strategies that I have discovered along my life and academic journeys, which have encouraged me to continue striving towards personal goodness, to trust in humanity, and to take advantage of the infinite possibilities of hope that are possible through acts of faith and insight.

My style is unique in that I prefer not to settle for One Truth. As I have studied many cultures, periods of time, world religions, and traditions, I have been inspired to re-create a personal Truth, one that keeps me connected and focused through a personal knowing - that which feels right, in my heart.

What I discovered in academia was merely a reinforcement of what I had already experienced during the darkest hours of my soul. It was the acts of kindness, unconditional acceptance, and spiritual nurturing through two complete strangers, of two differing faith systems that invoked my desire to know more about God – and what God looked and felt like to me. Their gifts inspired me to re-connect with the Divine, removing my lost hope in an intimidating and vast world of the unknown. I didn't have to free-fall alone anymore and neither do you!

Learning to trust my heart proved to be the most challenging endeavor. Trusting ourselves is difficult when we are overwhelmed by social, cultural, familial, and societal norms and paradigms. Learning to believe in yourself and to maneuver your way through infinite possibilities is a primary strategy I teach and encourage, as a Spiritual Coach & Therapist.

As a Hispanic female and as the first born in my generation, the responsibility of nurturing and caring for my family members became my birth right. Sharing and teaching to others what I know or have learned is all that I know how to do. Although I resented the responsibility in my youth, the responsibility has since been transformed as an honor. I long ago realized the Blessings of joy as joy was seen in the eyes of another.

You will find a long list of services I offer, not all related to Spiritual Care. Consider some services a bonus, because after learning too many life lessons the hard way, I'd rather provide you with the information ahead of time. My hope and prayer, with all whom I share, is that you can take and make use of my hard learned lessons much further than where I have taken them. I have not always made the best use of my own lessons.

You are a living and dynamic document continuously unfolding and manifesting.

You have the opportunity to choose who you want to accompany your spiritual journey. You can learn more about me, my philosophy of care, healing and treatment modalities, education and experience, and life stories throughout this website. Be confident in your connection. Trust your gut and your feelings. The journey into yourself is the first and most major step.

Blessings. Be well.

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