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Prayer for Clarity & Assurance:
In this moment of intention, I state my needs and desires clearly. I move forward through intention with clarity of where I want to be. I am present with this moment. I sit in gratitude. I am grounded and connected. I release and let go of any feelings that do not serve my best interest. I trust in allowing the process.

Born to "do"
Because of our busy, fast-paced lifeststyle, always busy with something, engaging in something, or pressured with something to do, we function at an abnormal rate within our sympathetic nervous system. After some time of living this way, we psychologically adapt (to some degree) to accept this high-drive sensation as normal. Then, when we are ready to recover our best feelings, we look to study, learn, or practice something to help us feel calm or restored through spiritual practices or exercise. Then, we may discover just how challenging or strange it is to actually relax and allow ourselves to rest. Think of how backwards it is to have to learn how to rest and digest. Where and when did we ever learn that we had to go, go, go? As fresh, new babies, we were not born with an agenda to "do" anything. Gradually, we were conditioned to live in such a state. Was it family? Culture? Society? Fear?

If you can relate to the experience of sympathetic heightened response or have experienced this for yourself, then you may have a better understanding of how Holistic Psychotherapy could best serve you. It is a modality that encourages you to breathe, relax, allow, and find new ways to connect, not necessarily to the Divine, but to your body systems and functions (to just "be", even if just for a moment).

Unlocking your spiritual story secrets:
Through client-centered, narrative therapy and story-telling techniques, your spiritual story can be engaged, revealing and releasing many silent truths that direct your presence, actions, decisions, feelings, and reasons. There are deeply embedded secrets (unrevealed truths) within your spiritual story, that are not meant to be exploitative, but to serve as keys to unlock blockages, disturbances, and fears that may holding you back from living your personal truth and your best life. Consider the differences that may exist (for you) between a personal autobiography and a spiritual autobiography. Are there any differences? If so, what are they?

Spiritual Coaching

Depending on where you are in your spiritual journey, you likely have already explored many avenues and alternatives. This can lead to some doubtful experiences because of family, social connections, or moral conflicts. Navigating this spiritual fork in the road can be extremely overwhelming and confusing. I have found the following prayer technique to be extremely useful in helping to sort through where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. This five-step process is actually a prayer method used by Religious Science (not the same as Christian Science), ie The Science of Mind.

Step I - Identify how you understand God, the Divine, or your Highest Power. Identify as many details as possible.

Step II - Identify yourself, as a living being. What/who are you?

Step III - Describe the relationship between you and your Divine. What are the strengths of your relationship? How do you support (or not) each other.

Step IV - As for what you need from your Highest Power. State your intention clearly. Consider why you wouldn't be able to ask for something or why you can ask for something.

Step V - Release and let go in gratitude and trust. With confidence in your relationship with the Divine and how the Divine is present or active in your life, release, let go, and trust that Divine activity is present for you. Be grateful for your many Blessings. Allow. Rest, don't hold on to any psychological or egotistical needs to know how anything could possibly come to pass on your behalf.

Prayer for Divine Connection:
Write your answers down and re-write into the form of a prayer. Here is an example:

Beloved Creator of all that is. I understand your presence and activity in my life, as you are always present and always listening for my needs. I am confident in your unconditional acceptance and love for me as your unique creation. I am in need of solutions of those worries that burden me over my family and my financial fears. I ask for your activity to protect me from harm, to provide for my needs, and to calm my heart when I am overwhelmed. In confidence and gratitude, I release and let go of my stress, fears, or anxiety around those things of which I have no control, but desperately worry about. In this moment, I agree to allow the process and am grateful for your activity and presence on my behalf. Amen. Blessed Be.

My prayer above is not to encourage or impose any theology upon anyone. My intention behind this example prayer is to support an awareness of thought processes and beliefs around what is possible or currently happening in your current lived experience. If you are struggling to connect to a higher-level Divine entity or create your own way of spiritually connecting and feeling solid, then this exercise is a great starter to begin thinking about what you believe, where your challenges are, and where you may have some blockages. How may a Spiritual Coach support you? What is it that you are searching for?

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